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We are a well-established exporter of good quality Foodstuffs and Non-food products, specialized on sourcing, purchasing, and facilitating shipment of products from New Zealand for you

Signing Contract


Crosby Exports provides ALL the assorted documents to cover your shipments/air freights. This includes Waybills, Customs, Health Certificates and invoicing. We have required licences to facilitate these requirements. This includes foodstuffs, dairy, meat, and wine licences

A Port Worker

Product Purchasing

Crosby Exports can source a FULL range of products. This includes frozen/chilled and dry Foodstuffs, plus non-food items such as machinery and hardware.

Image by John McArthur

Shipping & Air Freight

We will arrange ALL requirements for shipping your goods, including transport delivery to destination either by LCL, FCL shipments or air freight. We can also make freight payments on your behalf.
Our goal is to make sure your product requirements are sourced and delivered to meet and exceed your requirements as best as possible in terms of quality, competitive prices, and timing.
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