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Our Story

Crosby Exports has been functioning as an exporter from New Zealand for over 35 years.

Since our founding in 1987, Crosby Exports has been known for quality services, and exceptional efficiency. No matter what service you’re looking for – We always try to not only meet but exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction.

We export a wide range Foodstuffs and Non-food products, focused on providing what you are looking and what is available to be exported to your country from manufacturers in New Zealand. 

Our team will manage requests with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about the services we provide.

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The Team

Our Focus

The Crosby Exports Team

Peter Gillon, Sales Manager, Michelle Riggir, Accounts Administrator, Raj Swamy, Managing Director, Janet Swamy, Export Coordinator, Sumit Benjamin, Export Manager
(From left to right)

Our Focus

  • To ensure your product requirements are sourced and delivered to meet and exceed your requirements as best as possible in terms of quality, competitive prices, cutting costs wherever possible, and timing.

  • To keep you informed of how your order progress during purchasing, packaging and shipment.

  • To develop and maintain good relationships with suppliers and freight forwarders so that we have more options for you.

Want to know how the team can help you?
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